Thursday, December 11, 2008

Are you watching this space?

It's late and I'm really tired and I've been downloading all sorts of shit that should be on my computer and isn't - like virus protection and acrobat and boring stuff like that. BUT, I'm back and I've got ideas and I'm going to be posting something very, very have been warned.

So, you will have guessed that I finally have my new computer. I've had it a while now but thanks to the ministrations of Telkom, getting my ADSL up and running was the stuff that movies are made of. The kind where the main character goes totally doolalley and shoots up the entire telephone company headquarters because he's lost all touch with reality after dealing with them...?? Before it got better got a lot worse. Like I ended up without even a telephone. Don't ask me how that works but that's what happened. And that wasn't actually the worst. Argh I'm rambling. I'm going to drink my decaf and call my dogs and we're off to sleep.

See you all soon...except for my detractors who can all piss off right now because I am in no mood to deal with that lot!