Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Heil die Leser! Oh I love saying that. Oh and I had a birthday (whimper)

Hi there all my beloved faithful readers and those bloggers who follow the link to this poor sad offering after I comment on their excellent blogs. This is a warning - I am about to start up again. I have stuff to say. My friends are tired of telling me - Oh Princess Charmy you are sooo funny you really should write a book - or just write your bloody blog Giovanna! Ha! there.... I gave away a secret name... Giovanna...she goes out and does a lot more of the wilder things I simply wouldn't do. She drinks too much red wine (a lot & eats too much too) and she's been known to smoke cigarettes (a thing I would never ever do!!). All in all she's the girl I want to be but whenever she's out I stay home - it's better for the two of us. We would definitely clash. The last time she went out with my buddies she sang old army songs that her grandfather taught her (LOUDLY) to make them laugh, then serenaded them with old jazz standards. She danced Salsa with strangers and stayed out till the booms on the parking area were opened and she didn't have to put her ticket in the doohickey to get out the parking. Had she known the booms were up she probably wouldn't have paid for her parking.

I have been off work with a bad dose of the sh..... Acute Gastro Enteritis it says on the doctor's certificate. I guess that's because every time I think about work I feel shitty. It's not that I don't like my job - I actually enjoy it. It's just that the company I work for is family owned. Dad's the MD and he's ok - just as mean as catshit. I think I got a salary increase this month - it is a year since I joined the company so I guess the extra R37.82 will really come in useful - unless it was just a bookkeeping error and they take the extra cash back next month. 8% now there's a dream - I'd more likely win the Lotto. He's been trying to get a pound of flesh and all the blood out of my veins every since he accidentally agreed to my salary in a moment of weakness. I joined the company for exactly what I was earning in my last job - I just liked the sound of the job and the fact that it is 20 minutes from home. So I could really use an increase by now. Leave would be lekker too..... hahahaha I am such a dreamer.

However, he has a daughter - who is sort of the office manager - except her idea of management is to scream a lot and when all else fails - sulk. I don't respond well at all to screaming and I have had a teenage daughter so I can deal with all this and the sulks - I ignore her - totally.

She only talks to one person in the office, the rest of us are apparently not worth her notice. And she doesn't allow interpersonal chatter (or private phone calls - on your mobile that is ), so some days if I don't talk to clients, the only time I open my mouth is to drink my coffee and tea. Ah yes, that is the only real perk of the job - I too am a manager so the tea lady makes me tea and coffee (copious amounts - she really likes me) in fact, she makes me tea and coffee whilst ignoring little bossy offspring. The only good thing about this girl is she takes lots of time off for post party recuperation and "appointments" that happen from lunchtime (or noon) and end too late for a return to the office. Well every cloud ya know....

Yikes, while I've been sitting here griping in a most unroyal fashion, the corgis are whimpering softly for their dinner - so I better heat up the chicken breasts and caviar and feed them before they turn into a moth-eaten Maltese and a German Shepherd/Labrador cross and the food turns into that stuff that is supposed to keep them slim and young from the vets. At their age I'm doing all I can to keep them looking their best. After all, Lola will be 16 in November (people years) and I think Hobie may be 14 but he lies about his age and never lets me photograph him in profile so I can't be sure.

Soon I will tell you about my visit to Nobu for the Doctor's birthday dinner (ahhhhh) and my birthday lunches (at the Ocean Basket - see the irony - or is it just bathos? and Braza - yummy)